Past and Current Client Testimonials

Full Tilt Ahead brings a wealth of instructional design experience to the task of transitioning our well-established paper-based Dietary Manager program online. The team has distinguished itself from other educational technology companies not only in its creativity and ingenuity, but also by demonstrating keen audience awareness in their design and development work. We are confident Auburn’s
online Dietary Manager program will expand access for professionals seeking this credential, in keeping with our land-grant mission.
Full Tilt Ahead’s experience, broad skill set, enthusiasm, creativity, and willingness to take the kind of risks needed to get this ground-breaking project off the ground set them apart from other educational technology companies.
I recently completed a two-month project with Full Tilt Ahead and I could not be more thrilled with the results. My company, Highroad Global Services, was tasked with conducting twenty-one webinars across seven time zones for a client. The objective was for global teams to come together, learn best practices, and collaborate in a virtual setting. The scope of the project was large, with over two hundred people attending the training. We hired Full Tilt Ahead to provide technical production for all of our webinars, which were conducted in Adobe Connect. I can honestly say that without their help, our program could not have succeeded. Our producer, Adarsh Char, seamlessly handled our technology needs, including testing, problem-solving, event production, and more. As a result, I was able to focus on facilitation and our participants’ needs. What’s more, Adarsh not only connected us all through technology, but with his excellent people skills. He made the participants feel comfortable. He was patient, competent, and gave great post-session insights. Because of Full Tilt Ahead’s phenomenal service, my client raved about the success of our program and we have already been given notice of repeat business coming in the near future. I recommend Full Tilt Ahead to companies large and small who seek the highest quality in education technology.
Roxanne provides exceptional knowledge and expertise in the area of online learning and curriculum development. Our Center overhauled our entire SafeCare curriculum and developed an online training program to assist with training new providers in our program. Roxanne was an integral part of the online training development, design, and implementation, as well as assisting with the development of our revised curriculum. Roxanne’s expertise with adult learning and online learning development elevated our abilities to develop a well-rounded and useful online training program, which we are currently piloting. The overwhelming responses from trainees who have used the online training is enthusiastic and beneficial. Trainees appreciate the interactiveness of the online training, as well as the visuals throughout. These are specific areas which Roxanne’s expertise shined and our program has greatly benefited from Roxanne’s involvement. Without a doubt, I strongly recommend Roxanne for online training and learning activities.
Roxanne is charismatic and bright. Her volunteer work as a student organization leader facilitated community-outreach projects, collaborative research opportunities, and established the GrITS Colloquium as an annual event in peer research support. My student experience at Georgia State was bettered through Roxanne’s leadership.
If there is a go to person at ICA Institute; it is Roxanne. Albeit a research fellow, she truly encompasses the functions of a tech expert conducting the webinars, the content person that publishes the news letter on a regular frequency, the adhesive that bonds the Board Members and keeps them on the straight and narrow to their commitments, the budget manager – helping keep the costs of operations in sight and above all the happy person that keeps the spirit alive. She is great to work with – a true professional that believes in the mission and goals and helps in keeping the agenda consistently on the radar. She is a fantastic asset to the organization and a great friend for keeps! I wish her loads of success for all future endeavors.
Viren Mayani, Principal, Commensurate Consulting!
Roxanne is always bringing new ideas to the table. It is such an honor to be able to work with her and see her impact on the ICA Institute. She is never satisfied with just getting by, but continues to push the edge in all aspects of the organization to make it more relevant to the times. Roxanne’s energy is contagious. She provides an overall vision and trusts those with whom she works to do their best.