I want to honor Patricia Early, Trish, on Ada Lovelace Day because she’s a tireless visionary for organic technology integration.

Trish wants to be a farmer when she grows up. But, actually, she already is. She works, almost full time in certain parts of the year, on a farm south of Atlanta with her grandfather. While she’s farming, Trish is often envisioning organic ways to integrate technology into language learning.

In her role as coordinator of a language lab, she manages and implements all the typical approaches to language learning through technology… but the real impact of her approach is seen by the students voluntarily watching foreign films and hosting language clubs in the comfortable learning space she designed. This design reflects her feeling about technology integration as both an aesthetic and an adventure in identifying the right technology for the appropriate objective, but a propulsion that is always uniquely human. Her philosophy on technology (particularly in education) is that it is simply a tool and at it’s best serves to support strong pedagogical planning and meaningful learning objectives. That being said, it is the Swiss Army Knife of educational tools, being both informative, analytical, creative, multimodal, motivational, and extra-textual, appealing in it’s unique affordances to all learning styles and intelligences.

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