Full Tilt Ahead is fully immersed in a challenging and innovative project with the University of Virginia (UVA) to build an “Interactive Online Class, Course, and Curriculum Design Tool.” The goal of this custom instructional design tool is to aid in the design of evidence-based, student-focused, learning-centered courses.

c3Design will introduce higher education faculty members, both at the University and other institutions, to the iterative, dynamic, and scholarly process of learning-centered course design. The tool will help instructors:

  • Master these concepts by allowing them to explore rich educational content that the University’s Teaching Resource Center (“TRC”) has created.
  • Gauge their understanding through a variety of interactive knowledge checks.
  • Dynamically see the quality of their design as it evolves.

The tool will also help create a learning-centered syllabus based on user input. c3Design will be based on and will incorporate many of the features of UVA’s Teaching Resource Center’s weeklong, face-to-face Course Design Institute (“CDI”): Course Design Institute.

Michael Palmer, Associate Professor and Assistant Director of UVA’s Teaching Resource Center, says, “Full Tilt Ahead’s experience, broad skill set, enthusiasm, creativity, and willingness to take the kind of risks needed to get this ground-breaking project off the ground set them apart from other educational technology companies.”

Full Tilt Ahead’s (FTA) significant experience in education technology and software development has allowed us to evaluate and identify the best-in-class solutions and approaches to online course design and development. This extends to providing IT staff with guidance in setting up learning environments, planning and implementing hardware and technology infrastructure to facilitate an effective learning environment and maintenance, support, and training.

FTA’s exceptional instructional design and agile development teams are complemented and supported by our experienced team of visual communicators with strengths in graphic design, web design, video, and audio.

Beyond FTA’s core expertise in online learning for higher education, we have a rich history of providing learning solutions for research dissemination and extensive experience working with grant-funded researchers to accomplish these goals.

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