The use of games for online learning is a topic we love around here. And when Thiagi Game Blog asks to have a conversation about that topic you bet we get excited about it. Roxanne Russell sat down as a Guest Gamer to talk about her experiences, offer advice, and used the word “magniloquence” in real life.

The full interview appears in their January 2015 issue. Highlights include:

TGL: What is one piece of advice you would offer for using games in online sessions?

Always have a back up plan. For every tool and every feature. This plan should include a separate set of materials and guidelines. One recent version upgrade to a web conferencing system could derail an entire lesson because it impacts just one feature.

TGL: Are your online participants open to using games?

Although the faculty I have worked with have been receptive to participating in games that I use during my sessions, I have not seen a great deal of uptake by faculty in using games in their own sessions. I see them using interactive techniques, (for example, polling and breakout groups), but I have not yet seen them introduce competition or leveling. I’d like to provide faculty with more resources and tools for developing their ideas into games that can be rolled out online and that they will be confident facilitating.  My plan is to bog down Thiagi’s concise resources with magniloquence to make it more palatable to this audience.


Roxanne Russell is an instructional technology, design consultant, and teacher with 19 years of experience. She and her partners at Full Tilt Ahead, LLC ( bring brains, brawn, and beauty to the design, development, facilitation, and evaluation of online learning.

An incurable academic, she publishes and presents in all of the right places and was cited for groundbreaking work on the cultural dynamics of the instructional design process in the 2014 edition of the Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology.