When Kids Can't Read: What Teachers Can Do: A Guide for Teachers 6-12When Kids Can’t Read: What Teachers Can Do: A Guide for Teachers 6-12 by Kylene Beers
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Dr. Beers lived a common experience of middle school, high school and early college teachers that persists today. We enter a room as content teachers and find out we need to know how to be literacy teachers.

Even though multimedia instruction is a growing phenomenon, the majority of content learning in classrooms still occurs through the written word. And guess what? Most students don’t like to read and many aren’t very good at it. Some really struggle to read at all. We need strategies and tools to help students read.

We care about this problem as teachers in all content areas, but helping another person read is a specialized skill that many of us do not have. For those of us interested in helping teens and young adults improve their reading skills, this is the book we’ve all been looking for!

Excellent, executable, evidence-based strategies. I highly recommend it.

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