Late to the Twitter Party

Running an anecdotal Twitter experiment because I can justifiably do such things in my work day and because working from home leaves me seriously lacking in the water cooler conversations.

Personal profile: I mostly play #hashtag word games and playfully rant or rave about current events and seek followers through banter about those topics

Professional Profile: I am tweeting about current design project and actively seeking edtech followers with defined daily strategy

Faux Political Persona: I am using this to get out my angst and snarkiness instead of bombarding friends and family on Facebook. 

Results so far in ratios of Following/Followed by:
Personal: 381/122
Professional @ReadAhead1: 554/95
Faux Political Persona: 164/46

Too early to interpret… but I’m enjoying the process of learning about this other social media tool- both professionally and personally. 

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