Sofo, F. (2007). Transfer of training: a case-study of outsourced training for staff from Bhutan. International Journal of Training & Development (11)2. 103-120.

Sofo (2007) draws on a previous larger study of out-country training by Bhutan’s Ministry of Education to focus on transfer of training in academic, managerial and technical staff in “Transfer of training: a case-study of outsourced training for staff from Bhutan.” Sofo explored the extent of trainee motivation, training transfer to the workplace and factors affecting integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes in the workplace. Data was collected through a mixed-methods approach incorporating surveys followed up by personal in-depth interviews. Findings indicated that benefits of cross cultural exposure and financial incentives were cited as most motivating to apply training. Transfer was most hindered by excessive daily workload, lack of resources and mismatch of skills training and jobs. Technical trainees were found to report significantly higher levels of three factors considered to positively impact transfer of training: discussion of training objectives with supervisors, appropriateness of delivery for training that suited learning preferences, and strong belief that training would be transferred to the job. The findings of this study may be limited by the self-report methods used to measure transfer of training.