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Lien, B.Y.H., Hung, R.Y.Y., & McLean, G.N. (2007). Training evaluation based on cases of Taiwanese benchmarked high-tech companies. International Journal of Training & Development (11)1. 35-48.

Lien, Hung, and McLean (2007) compare popular Western models of training evaluation with practices of benchmarked organizations in order to explore the current state of training evaluation in Taiwan in “Training evaluation based on cases of Taiwanese benchmarked high-tech companies.” These authors used the results of a Taiwanese business magazine to identify benchmarked companies and employed case study methods to investigate the evaluation practices in seven of these organizations. They collected data through in-depth interviews, document review and training center observations. All firms were found to include measures of satisfaction and learning in their evaluation practices and to consider the evaluation of return on investment to be too difficult. They were also found to focus more on the process of training than the results.

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