Branch, R.M. & Deissler, C.H. (2008). In Januszewski, A., & Molenda, M. (Eds.), Educational technology: A definition with commentary. New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Branch & Deissler (2008) provide a discussion on technological processes in the context of educational technology, “extend[ing] the work of Seels and Richey (1994)” (p. 195). They define technological processes as “a series of meaningful activities constructed upon organizing themes” (p.196) They emphasize a systematic view of processes as part of their theoretical framework and the application of principles or theories as the practical framework. ADDIE is emphasized as a development process and ASSURE is featured as a media utilization model. In conclusion, they emphasize: “Useful processes need to be capable of responding to the emerging trends in instructional technology” (p.210).