Yadapadithaya, P. S. (2003, June)
International briefing 5: Training and development in India. International Journal of Training & Development, Vol. 7, Issue 2.
Yadapadithya (2003) provides an overview of relevant information about training and development in India. He begins with almanac-like descriptions of geography, government, deomgraphy, and public policy & strategy. Then he discusses the educational and research infrastructure and the training and development infrastructure. He includes his former research on Indian training policies in his corporate policies and strategies section. The article concludes with a list of the major players in training and development and networking resources for HRD practitioners.

· This briefing covers much of what I intended to be the focus of my paper- what’s happening with training in India now? Since it relies on information from the late 80’s & 90’s and much has happened since then, it provides a model, very useful groundwork and a jumping off point for narrowing the focus to instructional design implications within this setting.
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