Sharma, R. (2005, November)
Higher Ed Policy
Open learning in India: evolution, diversification and reaching out. Open Learning, Vol. 20 Issue 3.
This article succinctly describes the history of open learning in India. It includes stats that would be interesting to compare with the US. Literacy picture: 4.02% GDP on education 2001-2 (find a primary resource for this type of statistic), 35% of adult population still illiterate p. 227World Bank Report (2001)- 6-7% 18-23 access to education; US 81%. Open learning prompted by a UNDP report on developing countries: one question p.230 “How can the need for lifelong education best be addressed?” Accreditation becoming an issue; quality assurance; distance learning programs being shut down. Emphasis on flexibility and openness to make education more accessible (p. 235- “place, pace and duration”) P. 235 Other developing countries responded to the UNDP report with open u programs, but India is the only country where the government used public funds to pursue its goal.
Literacy picture: What are these #’s for US?
P. 228 “Enrollment in higher education has increased 55x since 1950” What is this number for US?
National Institute of Open Schooling
(CABE) Central Advisory Board of Education- highest education policy-making body in India