Palo S.& Padhi N. (2003, September)
Training Evaluation
Measuring effectiveness of TQM training: an Indian study. International Journal of Training & Development, Vol. 7, Issue 3.
Palo & Padhi (2003) provide a case study evaluating the effectiveness of a TQM training program; they measured the participants’ opinions about components of TQM to determine the impact of training. Provides a detailed description of a phased training approach for a particular organizational goal, including an emphasis on making sure employees understand the purpose and value of the training.
· self-assessment of learning/behavior changes may not be a reliable indicator of what learning or behavior changes have taken place (Kirkpatrick).
· Most significant correlation between training and increased awareness and improvement of performance monitoring and feedback systems.
· Old stats on training needs- resource to check out Sreenivasan and Narayana 1996 “Investing in creativity” American Psychologist 677-88
· Research MBNQA or ISO requirements- the effect on corporate training policies and demand; How does this dynamic work with US companies in India?

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