Tools & Techniques: Document Analysis

Marrelli, A. (2005). The performance technologist’s toolbox: Literature reviews. Performance Improvement (44)7, 40-44.

Marrelli presents an argument in favor of literature reviews in the practice of performance technology. Her goal is to reveal that research and analysis of secondary sources, as practiced in academic settings, also has its purpose in the workplace. She categorizes a literature review into four dimensions: genre, type, timeframe and extent. She also provides a list of applications of literature reviews for performance technologists: context, analysis, identification, development, modeling, benchmarking, measurement and evaluation. Finally, she provides strategies for organizing and conducting a literature review in the field of performance technology.

How this topics relates to HPT, PA, etc.:

Marrelli’s article serves as an important reminder that literature reviews are a useful tool for performance technologists in the workplace, not just in academic endeavors. The digital age makes it possible for performance technologists to quickly access resources for cross disciplinary analysis of performance problems and arrive at innovative and appropriate solutions. Using literature reviews as an analytical tool allows the performance technologist to integrate current and traditional perspectives into performance interventions.