Selecting Interventions

Thiagarajan, S. (2001). Tell me how: Improving knowledge and skills, Training games. In E.S. Sanders & S. Thiagarajan (Eds.), Performance intervention maps: 36 strategies for solving your organization’s problems (pp. 1-4, 53-58). US: American Society for Training & Development.

Thiagarajan (2001) provides a performance intervention map which cross-references optimal interventions for knowledge and skills improvement with a variety of organizational situations. The following categories are placed on a grid: individual, group, cheap, expensive, together, spread out, need it fast, and have time. Where these categories intersect, one or more of the following interventions are suggested: accelerated learning, action learning, coaching, electronic performance support systems, job aids, on-the-job training, training games, and self-directed learning. In the section on training games, Thiagarajan offers strategies and tactics for using games to encourage interactive and dynamic learning environments.

How this topics relates to HPT, PA, etc.:

The advice in this chapter is useful and has proven to be effective. Thiagarajan, known as Thiagi, is a pioneer in the field of performance technology and has advocated the use of interactive games throughout his career (S. Thiagarajan, personal communication, April 3, 2007). The Thiagi group is in demand by top firms globally for creating dynamic atmospheres and suiting the client’s needs using the techniques outlined in this chapter (M. Richter, personal communication, March 23, 2007).