D’Mello, Marisa (2006).
Interpretive, Ethnographic Case Study
Gendered selves and identities of information technology professionals in global software organizations in India. Information Technology for Development 12(2)
D’Mello considers the dynamics of gender and identity in the context of global software organizations in India. Her research draws information relevant to gender from a broader study on identity in general in this environment. Her findings offer useful insight into the challenges for women in the IT workforce, changing notions of communication and work style in the IT work force, and power structures.
Compares data of Europe (25%), US (20%) & India (24%) women in IT workforce
· Women stay in jobs longer
· Though I hope to design a quantitative study for my dissertation, this is a good model of a thorough and rigorous qualitative design to consider for future endeavors.
Reminder of the worldwide IT staff shortage- look up citation Igbaria & Shayo 2004
Note for HR strategy implications: Soft skills for organizational productivity; citations Gilleard & Gilleard 2002; Senge 1990
Discussion relevant to 8220 paper p. 138 on transitions in work/home dynamic
Relational-autonomous self concept look up Walsham 2001
Imagery reminder p. 148
Nature of software work as interactive look up Waterson 1997