Xiang, B. (2006)
Working with uncertainty in the IT industry. Political Economy & Information Capitalism in India: Digital Divide, Development & Equity. Ed. by Parayil, G. Palgrave Macmillan: Hampshire. 174-95.
IT-BPO Job Market
Xiang provides a picture of the IT-BPO job market for Indian workers, globally and in India. He reveals the heavy involvement of placement agencies, and the unique management role that these agencies play in this context. He also argues that the employees who progress through this system perpetuate the system. This discussion includes consideration of the “meritocracy ideology” imbedded in the placement agency system. He argues that the current system works to take power away from the workers and keep them in a state of uncertainty.
Add to Harriss-White to claim that workers in India may feel insecure in their job positions
Note the examples he provides of those who have learned to work around the system- a creative notion