Ezer, J. (2006)
Interviews with Faculty in India
Gandhi’s third assassination: Information and communications technology education in India. Information Technology for Development, Vol. 12 Issue 3.
Higher ICT education
Ezer interviews faculty in India to get an impression of the attitudes towards ICT and ICT education in India. He concludes that students and faculty show optimism about ICT and seem to have whole heartedly adopted the Western model of individualistic, rational and imperialistic success. He uses his conclusion to claim that this model does not follow Ghandian philosophy.
Counterpoint to collectivist assumptions
P. 201-2 Notes & citations about whether or not education should industry or the individual: Kohli & Heath 2001; Liu & Jiang 2001; Roberts, 2000
P. 205 Notes about authority dependent roots of educational system; English speaker access to education; Personalized focus in education; Family sacrifices for positions
Mixed curriculum; graduates are not displaying collectivist ideology; entrepreneurial role models
P. 207 “reverence for rational thought and management metrics”
Modernistic belief in truth, knowledge, best practices
Citation Chandra 2002- procedure-oriented & highly rational business practices