Subedi, B.S. (2006)
Interviews & On-site surveys
Cultural factors and beliefs influencing transfer of training. International Journal of Training & Development (10)2. 88-97.
Culture & Training
Subedi uses data gathered from almost 300 recent cases of training to discover training ideals, opinions of the value of training, how employees were selected for training and reasons for sending people for training. Findings show that the ideal for training for over 70% of respondents is “transfer of knowledge, skills, and attitudes from training to job.” 60% of respondents valued “need for performance improvement” as the highest value of training. The reason for training and the employee selection process both showed an overwhelming majority of respondents choosing the organizational needs as the impetus. There was also a section to elicit suggestions for improvement; the findings in this section show many respondents asking that training only be job-related and need-based.
Research design uses Kirkpatrick’s levels plus “return on investment” to consider what training ideals are.
In HR section of paper, I need to have some consideration of the picture of HR training in India today- this study is of Nepal, but offers a useful comparison.