Huerta, M.E. Audet, X.L. & Peregort, O.P (2006). In-company training in Catalonia: organizational structure, funding, evaluation and economic impact. International Journal of Training & Development (10)2. 140-163.

Huerta, Audet & Peregort (2006) seek to describe and characterize the economic and organizational aspects of training in large companies in Catalonia in “In-company training in Catalonia: organizational structure, funding, evaluation and economic impact.” With a panel of training experts, Huerta, Audet & Peregort established a criteria to determine large enterprises in Catalonia and included the entire population in a sample asked to complete a questionnaire on the following topics: people responsible for training; training departments in organizational structure; budget assigned to training; training subsidies; types of training; and evaluation practices of training. Some results of interest in this study include: 1) over 95% of training personnel have completed university education in Catalonia; 2) a majority of those responsible for training in Catalonia consider themselves senior managers; 3) the majority of large companies in Catalonia have a separate training department; and 4) more service industry companies had training departments than industrial companies.

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