Wickramasinghe, V.M. (2006). Training objectives, transfer, validation and evaluation: a Sri Lankan study. International Journal of Training & Development (10)3. 227-247.

In “Training objectives, transfer, validation and evaluation: a Sri Lankan study,” Wickramasinghe (2006) seeks to fill a gap in empirical studies of training practices in the context of developing countries in Asia by examining the training practices of the export-oriented apparel industry in Sri Lanka. In particular, Wickramasinghe investigates the training practices of setting objectives, inquiring about transfer, ensuring validation and conducting evaluations. As an additional consideration, Wickramasinghe included analysis of differences in training practices between foreign, local and joint-venture companies, hypothesizing that foreign companies would exhibit more attention to training practices. Findings revealed awareness and practice of all training practices investigated without significant differences according to ownership. Wickramasinghe attributes the development of standard training practices in local organizations to global standardization processes such as ISO 9000 standards.