Zhang, W. & Shin, N. (2002, June)
IT/ Higher Ed policy
Imported or Indigenous? A comparative study of three open and distance education models in mainland China, India and Hong Kong. Open Learning, Vol. 17 Issue 2.
Comparison/ Reflections on previously conducted survey
Zhang & Shin compare the open and distance education models of China, India and Hong Kong. This study considers types of courses, delivery methods, student demographics, including gender and access, funding and staffing. These researchers conclude that the China’s program is indigenous and Hong Kong & India’s are imported.
· Hong Kong perspective reveals some Hong Kong bias (reflecting an amusing trend of China v India undertones in much of this literature).
· Like Sharma & Kumar this article looks at the open learning model of India.
· Results repeat those of Sharma’s discussion but also show that India’s flagship open learning institution (IGNOU) is primarily staffed by part-time adjunct faculty & IT initiatives lag behind others.