Popli, S. (2005, April)
Training Evaluation
Ensuring customer delight: a quality approach to excellence in management education. Quality in Higher Education, Vol. 11 Issue 1
Popli approaches students in business education as customers and seeks to measure their satisfaction. Her evaluation of their training satisfies Kirkpatrick’s first level, reactions. Popli asks her participants to rate the level of importance and satisfaction with the following features of their management institute education: course organization, learning and teaching, placement, computing, library, and student services. Results show management students found learning & teaching and placement most important, and were more satisfied with learning & teaching than placement.
· Small sample, 80 students
· This methodology satisfies Kirkpatrick’s first level, reactions.
· Discusses shift in India’s underlying curricular theories similar to US- from teacher to self-directed learning (Knowles) and more focus on “how to learn” than “what to learn.”
· The quality of education concerns and the lack of fully developed accreditation standards make this type of research important.