Certificate Program Conversion

Auburn University’s Dietary Manager Program needed to be converted from a paper-based, correspondence, certificate program to a fully online, self-paced certificate program.

Auburn Dietary Manager Program

It started as a correspondence course…

It existed as a self-paced, correspondence certificate program.

  1. Student Requests Info.
  2. DMP Mails Brochure / Registration form.
  3. Student Mails Check & Registration form.
  4. Student finds Clinical Instructor
  5. DMP Mails Program Materials to Student. Materials consist of printed documents in a three ring binder and audio CDs.
  6. DMP Mails Program Materials to Clinical Instructor. Materials consist of printed documents in a three ring binder and audio CDs.
  7. Student completes assignments and submits to Clinical Instructor
  8. Clinical Instructor reviews assignment and submits back to student.
  9. Student mails assignment to Dietary Manager Program and proceeds to next lesson.
  10. DMP mails graded assignment back to student.

Certificate Program Conversion for Auburn University

Repeat these parts for 137 assignments and 24 tests
spread out over several years.

Now it is fully online.

It exists as a self-paced, online certificate program.

  1. Students self-register and pay. Clinical Instructors self-register.
  2. Student takes course. Content is broken into easy to manage chunks. Clear indicators focus on what is expected, what is coming up, and how to proceed in this self-paced, guided program.
  3. Automated processes for ease of use that can be applied across custom learning designs. Student and Clinical Instructor work together within the system. Student uploads final assignment and notifies grader. Student can then move to the next lesson. FTA created a custom workflow based on groups. The workflow allows students and clinical instructors to collaborate on activities within the system before submitting to graders.
  4. Audio files are embeded and play within the system. Having audio files play within the system allows for just-in-time learning and reduces the pieces of equipment needed to take the course.
  5. Knowledge checks are built into lessons to ensure student engagement and understanding.
Certificate Program Conversion for Auburn University

“Full Tilt Ahead brings a wealth of instructional design experience to the task of transitioning our well established paper-based Dietary Manager program online. The team has distinguished itself from other educational technology companies not only in its creativity and ingenuity, but also by demonstrating keen audience awareness in their design and development work.”

– Dr. Diane Boyd, Director, Biggio Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, Auburn University

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