Theatetus of PlatoTheatetus of Plato by Plato
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So if I write down everything my teacher says and publish it, I get to be the author?

Is knowledge perception? 1) Theaterus’ claim
2) Protagorus’ doctrine that man is the measure of all things 3) Heraclitus’ theory of flux

—> supports Platonic doctrine that true reality is a non sensible realm of changeless being “The Forms”

Critique of three theses
1) each man is the measure of his own wisdom
2) everyone is equally wise
3) there is no such thing as wisdom
4) no one is wiser than anyone else

3 stages
1) Development of ideas
2) Maturity of ideas
3) Metaphysical Truth

This work represents potential & intelligence

Recent scholarship questions whether The Theatetus is an intentionally deceptive dialogue —-> Socrates is less consistent & this may be intentional for reader to be engaged in the challenge

Plato does not allow for perceptions because they are sensory dependent

Theory of Recollection – you already had all the knowledge & it got scattered at birth.

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