Academic Software Development

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The best development companies truly understand a client’s vision and can match needs with solutions. Full Tilt Ahead’s (FTA) relies on our significant experience in education technology and software development when evaluating, identifying, or creating the best-in-class solutions that we’re known for. Full Tilt Ahead was formed to develop academic software and our founding team has diverse strengths in visual, instructional, and application design and excels in developing unique and creative academic technology tools.

FTA keeps the focus of our technology development on function, sustainability, integration, and user interaction. We firmly believe in collaboration which is why we use the AGILE approach to project management. This allows our team to prioritize requirements that evolve, collaborate with the client, and continually test. When developing a technology tool it is imperative for the owners and the audience to have a voice. At FTA we understand programming languages and technologies and base our approach on all available factors, not least of which is our client’s goals.

Read Ahead

Read Ahead™ is a web-based tool that maximizes reading time by highlighting key ideas with motion. We built this ground-breaking literacy tool from scratch using PHP, MySQL, CSS3, Javascript, HTML5, and old car parts.

Features include:

  • Smart Skimmer™: A custom artificial intelligence engine that skims any digital content and highlights the key ideas
  • Presentation Creator: Paste, type, upload or import content from a URL
  • Public Library: Searchable library of content
  • DBPedia: Integrated with DBPedia


c3Design is a highly-interactive, online learning environment leveraging Drupal and custom PHP, CSS3, HTML5 Canvas, and Javascript. It is intended as a resource and community for scholars and practitioners who want to advance teaching and learning through professional development. The experience strives to help instructors unlock new perspectives and possibilities.

Several innovative features support this goal:

  • Integrated quizzing and knowledge checks
  • Auto-populated syllabus template
  • Integration map that graphically shows and allows the user to edit the connections between data sets
  • Syllabus rubric directly integrated with course design tool
  • A fully searchable syllabus database

Full Tilt Ahead is most energized by the process of working collaboratively towards specific goals. We thrive on problem-solving and creative design challenges and will work closely with you to imagine and re-imagine effective and innovative approaches.We’re looking for a new dream to build and would love to hear about what you’re working on. Let’s have a conversation!

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