We create meaningful learning experiences by bringing our core philosophy to education and training: clear and concise instruction, creative presentation, and accessible technology.

Understand Goals and Outcomes

Full Tilt Ahead wants to understand your vision. We do this by:

Inform the Vision

  • Identifying stakeholders and sources of information that should influence the vision
  • Determining purpose, mission and audience
  • Determining goals and expected outcomes
  • Aligning vision with institutional requirements
  • Identifying needs for program development
  • Anticipating needs for integration into existing infrastructure and culture
  • Anticipating needs for scaling, sustaining, and maintaining

Informing the vision includes a deep-dive analysis that pays systematic attention to the alignment between goals and outcomes.

Gaps Analysis

Our approach combines qualitative and quantitative methods of inquiry and analysis. We pay particular attention to:

Inform the Vision

  • Purpose, mission and audience
  • Institutional and accessibility requirements
  • Input of experienced and immersed stakeholders
  • Technological infrastructure policies and procedures, including systems integration models
  • Staff support
  • Development and facilitation protocols
  • Integration priorities for existing institutional and technological infrastructure
  • Long term scalability and sustainability

We report these findings in clear ways that make this in-depth analysis actionable. The outcome will be targeted, specific recommendations, resources and tools.

Planning & Management

Full Tilt Ahead uses an iterative methodology to cope with complexity and risk.

Inform the Vision

  • Seek experienced input
  • Describe integration
  • Draft development protocols
  • Anticipate integration needs
  • Anticipate scaling and sustainability
  • Develop a timeline

The development team meets regularly to discuss progress and address any obstacles. Regular meetings provide stakeholders with visibility into the project’s progress.

A Strategy for Meaning & Change

We create meaningful learning experiences by bringing our core philosophy to education and training: clear and concise instruction, creative presentation, and accessible technology.

Inform the Vision

  • Consistency and clarity
  • Students derive meaning from the structure
  • Be purposefully redundant with important materials
  • Smart structures help minimize wasted effort
  • Structure and clarity help maintain a consistent experience
  • Allow for customization
  • Support integration focused on interaction
  • Provide guidance and require rationale for choices

Each new project presents a unique and fascinating set of challenges for how to create significant meaning. FTA helps drive, enable, and sustain organizational improvement by achieving meaningful change to an individual’s knowledge, skill and behavior through education.

Expanding the Audience

It is essential that the testing and evaluation process be rigorous and cross-referenced with usage data to understand what pathways and behaviors look like.

Inform the Vision

  • Require a pilot with new users
  • Request reporting on data from pilot through surveys, interviews and analytics
  • Include feedback group in evaluation process
  • Arrange for external evaluation
  • Arrange for technology focused testing
  • Use pilot results to inform design tweaks and implementation

This piloting process produces actionable data that informs changes and adjustments.

Provide Consultant Expertise

Keep good records. Clarity through documentation will support everyone. Prioritize development and continuous engagement.

Provide Consultant Expertise

  • Coordinate schedules
  • Introduce evaluation protocols
  • Provide Polices & Procedures manual
  • Provide training & resources
  • Maintain development
  • Keep service desk updated
  • Maintain repository

The implementation process should be an ongoing iterative process of revision and improvement. The adherence to strong project management principles included in the planning and development stages should continue throughout implementation.

Full Tilt Ahead is most energized by the process of working collaboratively towards specific goals. We thrive on problem-solving and creative design challenges and will work closely with members of your team to imagine
and re-imagine effective and innovative approaches.

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