Online Program Design

We know what needs to go on your to-do list in order to launch a new program, certificate, or even just a single course. And we have the experience and expertise to help you get it done.

Goals and Outcomes

Start at the end. What is the vision of your program?

Identify stakeholders and sources of information that should influence the vision

Determine purpose, mission and audience

Determine goals and expected outcomes

Align vision with institutional requirements

Identify needs for program development

Anticipate needs for integration into existing infrastructure and culture

Anticipate needs for scaling, sustaining, and maintaining

Gap Analysis

Where are you now? What resources do you already have in your instructional catalog that can be leveraged to accomplish your program or certificate goals?

Define the purpose, mission and audience

Identify institutional and accessibility requirements

Gather the input of experienced and immersed stakeholders

Consider your technological infrastructure policies and procedures, including systems integration models

Identify the necessary staff support

Define your development and facilitation protocols

Understand the integration priorities for existing institutional and technological infrastructure

Consider your expected long-term scalability and sustainability

Strategic Design

We know how to build meaningful learning experiences. Knowing what works before you get started is key when building a new program. Can we help you define your success strategy?

Build with consistency and clarity by defining a blueprint

Help students and faculty with smart structures

Allow for customization

Support integration focused on interaction

Provide guidance and require rationale for choices

Development & Implementation

Our iterative design and development process lets you see where we are during the process as well as make course corrections quickly and easily early in the process. How will you update your stakeholders?

Develop a project plan and responsibilities

Recruit subject matter experts

Describe design and development process

Draft development protocols and environment

Construct development approach and milestones

Define internal and external pilots

Develop rollout and rollback contingencies

Prepare training and support

Scaling & Improvement

Okay, your program has gotten off the ground. Now what? Can you handle an influx of new students? Do you have a cohort model in place? Do you need to transition to an asynchronous model to accommodate more students?

Maintain and update multimedia asset repositories and course sites

Gather and analyze data through surveys, interviews, analytics and course reviews

Provide training & resources

Keep service desk updated