On Tuesday, November 18, 2008 I attended a webinar put on by a colleague who has presented for us at the ICA Institute, Gunjan Bagla, managing director of Amritt Ventures, Inc. . This webinar was presented by The Caltech Industrial Relations Center as part of their Critical Business Discussion Series.

He presented on leveraging India’s talent for R&D: – R&D opportunities and business models in India – Challenges to making Indian R&D opportunities a reality – How to leverage investment with a distributed development model – and What impact open innovation will have on future development in India.

2 quick comments:

1) I always gather useful information and insight from Bagla’s presentations and appreciate his reflective approach to topics. This is a topic of particular interest for my research, and I am glad to have access to Bagla as a resource.

2) I attended this webinar because of my interest in the topic, but I was also glad to be an audience member instead of the host. It reminded me how easy it is to get distracted at your desk while the webinar is going on, and I noted that Bagla’s use of polls worked very well to get my attention back. I have been encouraging presenters to use the poll feature in our Around the World in Asian Days series, but now I will emphasize it even more.