Video: 2016 POD Innovation Award Winner Watch Michael Palmer from UVA’s Center for Teaching Excellence and Adarsh Char from FTA win the 2016 POD Innovation Award.


Norcross, GA, February 2, 2017 – The University of Virginia (UVA) and Full Tilt Ahead, LLC (FTA) were awarded the 2016 POD Innovation Award given by the POD Network ( at their 41st Annual Conference held in Louisville, Kentucky at the Galt House Hotel. The award was given for work on c3Design, a highly-interactive, online learning environment that creates deeper understanding by guiding instructors through the process of backward-integrated course design.

One POD Innovation Award has been presented each year since 1986 to participants who implemented creative ideas for the enhancement of teaching and learning and/or faculty development. The winner is chosen by a committee of POD Network members representing various programs and institutions using the criteria of (a) originality, (b) scope and results, (c) transferability, and (d) effectiveness.

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